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Broadcast Support Ltd. is well established in the Greater London area as a leading provider of service, maintenance and repair of broadcast equipment.  Our qualified engineers boast more than 40 years' worth of experience.

In addition to general electronic repairs we also perform line up and repairs on Sony digital betacam, Sony SRWHD series, Sony flexicarts, all video and audio equipment ie Wohler audio monitoring and power supplies.

We offer a professional and convenient door to door service.  Estimates are supplied free of charge before any work commences.

Equipment Repaired
Customers Include
  • Sony Digital Betacam

  • Sony SRWHD

  • Sony Flexicart

  • Professional HD VT

  • Wohler audio monitoring

  • Monitors

  • Switch mode power supplies

  • Audio mixing desks

  • Tektronix video monitoring

  • Discovery Channel Europe

  • Babcox

  • MTV/Viacom

  • Talkback Thames

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